Kids Church & Mini Church

Children aged 3-11
Kids Church

When you arrive at church, please come to the registration desk and sign in your child/ren. We will give you a collection card with your child’s name on, this is a safeguarding measure so we will not let your child go to an adult without being given this card. Usually after the first worship song it will be announced that children will go out to Kids Church.  We will start with group time followed by worship.  Then we will have activities that relate to the theme/ lesson for that week, followed by snack and chat.  The older group (7-11 years) will have group discussion with more in depth teaching followed by prayer.  The younger group (3-6 years) will have interactive teaching, discussion and prayer.  For each week there will be activities that help them to connect with the story through different senses and learning needs.

Children with Special Educational Needs

We have quiet dark tent within the Kids Church room that has ear defenders and fiddle toys for children with SEN and who need some quiet space. This is available throughout the session. During all age services this will also be available within the church. We want to work with you to support your child and help them to experience Jesus. If your child has any SEN or you suspect they might then please contact us so we can meet and talk about how we can best support and include your child.

Children aged 0-2 years and parents/carers;

We have a comfy Sofa area with toys and activities at the side of church. For worship with have some sensory scarves for the children to use as self-expression during worship. As a church we know and love that children are exploring their world and are sometimes noisy. Please don’t be worried if your child is making some noise, we really don’t mind!